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Sitting in a café in Tel Aviv, indulging in desserts, ice coffee and conversation, life was good. All of a sudden BOOM! Neon lights blew dark, glass showered from all over, and balconies fell. A car full ofexplosives deonated a half a block away. Schirete ran, not away, but wards the explosion, to help, or to tackle the terrorist. She was fearless, something defines her personality.

Schirete plays drums, rides motorcyles, and hangs out with a wide variety of people, ranging from CEOs to gangsters. She writes about misunderstood and under-represented people, to bring to light their humanity. She produced documentaries for PBS and won an award for a short news segment about mental illness patients.

Schirete studied writing for film and television at Loyola Marymount University, from which she graduated with a BA degree, cum laude. Presently she is writing a miniseries about a Brazilian boy who was sex trafficked, and ended up in the gay porn industry.

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